1. I Loove Manatees !!! They are sooo adorable and peaceful.

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    On July 29th, a whale was reported in distress at the entrance to Halifax harbour. Upon arrival, we found a minke whale bobbing vertically in the water with its tongue completely swollen. Based on the small size of the animal, it may have been still dependent on its mother, which was nowhere to be seen. Due to its young age and severe injury, the animal was unlikely to survive. After consulting with veterinarians, representatives from MARS, DFO and DNR responded the following day to determine the best course of action for this young whale, but found that it had died overnight. While retrieving the carcass we discovered it had been entangled in some old, lost fishing gear. The carcass was taken to the Agricultural College in Truro where a necropsy was conducted. We found that there were signs of a physical injury to the animals jaw. It’s possible, while anchored by the fishing gear, the animal was hit by a vessel causing its tongue to swell. The remains were left at the Agricultural College for a study on composting.


    Just another example of our trashing the ocean damaging and killing its inhabitants. 


    This is heartbreaking! Clean up after yourselves, Christ, it ain’t that hard! 😡

    I live here. SO SAD breaks my heart

    This is so sad, I wish people could be more aware of what we are doing to our ocean

    please please take care of your trash! for ocean critters and land critters, it causes so much harm to them and is only a very small effort on your part. Please play a kind role, we are all equals on this planet :)

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    Actual sign in Florida requesting you not give manatees water and raising a lot of questions that it does not answer

    hey friends! this just swam across my dash and I wanted to let you all know why you SHOULD NOT give manatees water from your hoses at your docks! See, manatees in the US of A are salt water critters and if they ingest too much fresh water (AKA from the hose as pictured above) it will cause them to get sick and die. Also, it makes them form habits that they will recieve fresh water from these docks, and therefor they’re more likely to be hit by boats in the marina (they cannot hear the frequency that boats produce, therefor they never even see them coming). So for all of you wondering why this is: now you know! Please help keep this gentle giants safe and happy and abide by signs are rules when in areas where manatees roam!

    xoxo manateearecute

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    I was bored so I decided to draw a combination of 2 of my favorite animals ever (Sky Bison *specifially Appa* and a manatee) to create Appatee, because fuck, it’s adorable.

    Still a WIP, I’ll finish coloring it… eventually.

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    I’ve made it to 300 posts! (This is a real achievement for me!) Thank you all for your love and support! The manatees will thank you, too!


  7. howdy friends!

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    Vegans: Manatees n’ Bunnies

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  10. Anonymous said: I love your blog so much <3

    omg thank you so much kind anon!!! <3 <3 <3 so glad I inspire ppl! I just love manatees so much!